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Imagine sitting in your office on your work computer and accessing files on your home computer as if you were right in front of it. Or imagine going on vacation and still being able to access files on your home computer. Sounds like fiction? Well, it is not. There is the technology that actually allows you to do just that: it is called a Remote Desktop Connection.

Having a Remote Desktop Connection is not as hard as it sounds. All that is needed is a connection to the internet and the remote desktop software. The software pretty much does all the work for you.

The benefits of Remote Desktop computing are:

Ability to work from anywhere:  

No longer do you have to physically go to the office or to your home to access a file. Just leave your remote computer (e.g home computer) connected to the Remote Desktop application and access the files on the next computer (e.g work computer) when you want.

Easier Presentations

You can make presentations such as live product demos, PowerPoint presentations, or any other presentation on your desktop to a partner.

Cost-Effective IT support

No longer do you have to run to each users’ machine to manage or troubleshoot a problem. Just install the remote desktop application on each users’ machine and remotely administer it.

Here is a listing of some of the Remote Desktop apps


TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remotely control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Teamviewer currently is a top download boasting of over 100 million users as it is a solution for easy and friendly desktop sharing. Teamviewer is free for personal use only; commercial users must purchase the licensed version.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

It may surprise you to know that your computer may already have a Remote Desktop app installed. Most versions of Windows comes with the Remote Desktop Connection application that can be found under Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection. If it is not there, then you would have to enable it.


So the next time you need access to a file on a remote computer, consider using one of the above Remote Desktop applications.

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