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About TECHNOKAT Solutions
TECHNOKAT Solutions Digital Transformation

Our Mission

In 2010, on the lovely Caribbean island of Tobago, TECHNOKAT Solutions established its presence.

Since then, we have aimed to engineer Smart Solutions that help businesses thrive with digital transformation.

We offer the following services that cover a complete Digital Transformation of your business: 

Web Consulting, Web Design, Web Development, Web Maintenance, Web Management, Web Marketing, and  Web Training.

We also enjoy curating fresh and useful content that will edify our clients.  This content can be found through our regular Insights.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate, fully qualified and experienced IT professionals who have worked and transformed some of Trinidad and Tobago’s top industries such as manufacturing, distribution, banking and government.  

Clients can rely on our team to accurately analyze their situation and to engineer smart solutions that help them with the digital transformation of their businesses.

TECHNOKAT Solutions Team
TECHNOKAT Solutions Story

Our Story

We thought long and hard about what name this business should take.  We then found a winner: 

TECHNOKAT Solutions  

The name is a derivative of the technological aspect of the business (TECHNO) and the nickname (KAT) of the founder. 

The name is also a play on the word ‘technocrat’ which means “An expert in some technology”.  In this case TECHNOKAT Solutions would be the experts in providing smart digital transformation solutions.

Our tagline “technology engineered for you”,  encapsulates the vision we have of infusing technological knowledge and creativity behind all of the solutions we deliver.

Our logo also represents our vision:

TKS Logo 20201

technology engineered for you

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