Bread of Life Ministries: Livestream & eCommerce Thrift Store

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April 17, 2022


Bread of Life Ministries is a member church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies. They are located in Crown Point, Tobago and would love for you to be their guest.

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Bread of Life Ministries needed a platform whereby they can reach out to those in their community.  Like many during the pandemic, they had to adapt to new strategies of delivering service.  One such initiative was starting a Facebook live stream of their Sunday service.

However, some people did not have access to Facebook to view the live stream.  Hence, the new website should embed the Facebook live stream.

The new website design should also provide general information to potential visitors. Such information includes the Ministries, any events or stories.

One interesting feature needed was that of an online e-commerce store. Bread of Life Ministries has an in-house thrift store that they wanted to place online. The new website should make this process easy with online payments, bank transfers or cash payments.  The site should also enable donations to be made online.


TECHNOKAT Solutions had several meetings with key persons in the organization to gather the strategic direction for the website design.  After this was gathered, work began on the site.

After the domain name and hosting configuration, WordPress was installed.  WordPress is an award-winning Content Management System that makes updating content easier.

To build a custom solution, Elementor was also installed. This website building tool makes it easier for us to build the exact site required.

We then created the special functionality required such as the Ministries section (e.g. Men's Ministry & Women's Ministry). This allowed Bread of Life Ministries to include details such as ministry times, leaders, images and more.

Other content included Events to showcase upcoming events and stories or testimonies of its members.

Their Facebook was then modified to allow a single URL for live stream. This URL was then embedded into their website. Now people can simply browse to their homepage and see the link to Watch Live.

Their in-house Thrifty Store was then given an e-commerce boost. The store items can now be uploaded online and persons can purchase online via bank transfer, cheque and cash payments. The Credit Card transactions are to be processed online at a later date.

A simple donation feature was also custom-built so that persons can give a love offering gift online.

The design style we chose for the site is trendy and not your typical church look.  There are animations and large fonts to appeal to visitors. The branding colours are also prominent throughout the site.

On Easter, Resurrection Sunday, the website of Bread of Life Ministries was launched to the church.  The members were excited to see that their church is now online and one of the 'Big Guys'!





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