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How much does it cost to create a website in Trinidad and Tobago? Well, it depends on several factors. Here is the best breakdown of the cost of a website for your business in Trinidad and Tobago:

1. Domain Name

The first cost of a website is that of the Domain Name. A Domain Name is the website address used to access your website, for example,

You will need to purchase the domain from a company called a Domain Name Registrar. Our recommended registrar is Cloudflare. We prefer Cloudflare as they have no markup on their pricing. Also, there aren’t any surprise renewal fees and hidden add-on charges (e.g. with GoDaddy or Siteground).

Avoid letting a web designer buy your domain name as it may not be yours in the end. We recommend that you buy your domain name using your credit card.

There are many domain name suffixes that you can choose for your business, such as COM, ORG, TT, CHURCH etc.

If you require a COM domain name for your business, the following would be the domain name cost of a website:

Domain Name Cost with CloudflareUSDTTD
First Year Domain CostUS$8.57TT$58.28
Yearly Domain Renewal CostUS$8.57TT$58.28

2. Website Hosting

The second cost of a website to bear in mind is that of Hosting. All websites must have a location to store the pages and serve those pages to the public. This location, called Hosting, needs to be available 24/7, secure and reliable.

Some companies allow you to store your web pages on their servers at a cost. Most companies provide shared servers and virtual private servers.

For a business site, we recommend using Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with a provider called Vultr. The initial setup may seem daunting, but the pay-off, in the end, is worth it. There would be faster website speeds and predictable pricing. Your web developer would be able to assist you with this setup. We no longer recommend using shared hosting providers. They initially lure you in with low purchase costs, then triple the cost with exorbitant renewal fees (e.g. GoDaddy and Siteground).

Similar to obtaining a domain name, please do not fall into the trap of having the web designer purchase your web hosting. Ultimately, you may not have access to your site. We recommend that you buy the hosting using your credit card.

The following is the VPS web hosting cost of a website:

Web Hosting Cost using Vultr High FrequencyUSDTTD
Monthly Hosting CostUS$6TT$40.8
Yearly Hosting CostUS$72TT$489.6

3. SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate is installed on your webserver to verify safe browsing to a visitor. It usually appears as a padlock in the website address bar. SSL Certificates encrypt the communications between the server and client.

Some web hosting providers (such as SiteGround) include a free standard SSL Certificate with your hosting purchase, so this is not an additional cost. Other hosting providers (e.g. GoDaddy) require you to install your own or purchase their SSL Certificates.

We recommend to clients, however, to obtain their SSL Certificate by using Cloudflare. It comes with a free SSL certificate that automatically renews. In addition to getting the SSL Certificate, you also benefit from added features such as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and security. Security is against actions such as DDoS attacks, malicious bots and other nefarious intrusions. Your web designer would be able to set this up for you.

The following is the SSL certificate cost of a website:

SSL Certificate Cost with CloudflareUSDTTD
First Year SSL CostUS$0TT$0
Yearly SSL Renewal CostUS$0TT$0

4. Web Designer

Unless you plan to design the website yourself, you will need to hire a professional web design company like us to build your website.

Be wary of cheap web designers, as they abound. In the long run, you will suffer in terms of website quality, continued maintenance of the website, and ultimately brand reputation.

The costs of hiring a web developer to build a website in Trinidad and Tobago would depend on the number of pages and the required level of functionality. Always note that apart from paying for the web designer’s time, you also pay for all the software/plugin/theme licenses purchased on your behalf to design the site.

If you are starting your business, you can select a 3-page website. Such a website can have a menu structure of Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact. You can pay upfront or monthly for the design of your website.

Here is the cost to design a website that has three pages:

Basic Web Design Cost with TECHNOKAT SolutionsUSDTTD
Monthly Design CostUS$177 for three monthsTT$1,200 for three months
Upfront Design CostUS$445TT$3,000

Advanced features such as membership or eCommerce incur extra costs. Please see our website design packages for further information.

5. Email Addresses

What is a website without a professionally branded email address with your domain name? e.g. [email protected] Therefore, you need to factor in the email cost of a website.

To obtain email addresses, you have several options. Small businesses can set up free email from the hosting package. If you are a growing business, you can use an enterprise-grade email hosting provider (e.g. Google Workspace for USD$6.00 per user or Microsoft 365) at an additional cost.

For most small businesses, the best option would be to use free hosting email. Note, however, that access would be through a webmail interface and that there are storage limitations. You can also forward your email if you would like to receive the mail through an already existing email address.

Small businesses can use the free hosting email and forward emails if necessary.

Here is the email cost of a website:

Email Cost with VultrUSDTTD
First Year Email CostUS$0TT$0
Yearly Email Renewal CostUS$0TT$0

6. Website Maintenance

One often overlooked part of a web design project is ongoing website maintenance. Just like a car or a house, a website needs regular maintenance. Else, the site can become outdated, hacked, and compromised. Your brand will then be negatively affected.

If you have the necessary expertise to maintain your site, then the following will need your attention:

  • Plugin Updates
  • Core Updates
  • Theme updates
  • Content changes
  • Backups
  • Security Checks
  • Performance checks
  • Analytics

Small businesses can perform the above tasks if they obtain the appropriate website training. Please note that some of the above items, for example, plugins, may also require license renewal purchases.

If you prefer ease of mind, hand over the website maintenance to a reliable company like us.

The following is the standard maintenance cost of a website:

Standard Website Maintenance Cost with TECHNOKAT SolutionsUSDTTD
Monthly Maintenance CostUS$118TT$800
Yearly Maintenance CostUS$1,416TT$9,600

When choosing a website maintenance provider, confirm if there is the option to pay for maintenance only when necessary with no cancellation fees or contracts.

7. Website Marketing

The final cost of a website that you should consider is the marketing of the website itself. You will need to use the usual channels to promote your site, such as printing flyers, business cards, and perhaps the radio.

The digital marketing channels would include content creation, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

As a small business, you may have the free time to create blog posts for your website and to promote your website on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also pay for ads on these channels to keep costs down.

For ease of mind, you can hire a digital marketing agency like us to fully market your brand across all channels.

The following is the website marketing cost of a website:

Website Marketing Cost with TECHNOKAT SolutionsUSDTTD
Monthly Marketing CostUS$1,177TT$8,000
Yearly Marketing CostUS$14,124TT$96,000

Wrap Up

A professional business website is an essential marketing tool. When done right, the website can bring in new leads and revenue for your business. But as the saying goes, “It takes money to make money”.

Here is a summary of the cost of a website:

ItemUSD CostTTD Cost
Domain NameUS$8.57TT$58.28
Web HostingUS$72TT$489.60
SSL CertificateUS$0TT$0
Web DesignerUS$445TT$3,000
Email AddressesUS$0TT$0
Basic Website CostsUS$525.57TT$3,547.88
Website Maintenance (1 Mth)US$118TT$800
Website Marketing (1 Mth)US$1,177TT$8,000
After Launch CostsUS$1,295TT$8,800
Total cost to design a website with TECHNOKAT Solutions

What preceded was an in-depth look at the cost of a website in Trinidad and Tobago. As a small business, you wish to keep costs down and so should choose the less expensive option. Growing companies, however, would have further needs and can widen their budgets for greater functionality.

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