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How do you go about finding a needle in a haystack the quick and easy way? You Google It!  But Google it with a twist! 

The phrase “Google it” has become part of our modern day vocabulary. It is a verb. It basically, means to search for any term on the most popular search engine called Google.  For many of us, searching on Google is the main way we get any information.  However, if you want to improve your search experience and get the results you want, there are some special search tricks that you could use.  These are neat shortcuts that would make your search life a whole lot easier. So let’s go!

  • Find the exact search phrase

If you want to search for an exact phrase, use quotes. For example:

technokat solutions”

The above will only find pages with that exact phrase.

  • Do not include a phrase

If you do not want a particular phrase in your search results, just prefix the word with a minus sign (-). For example:

-Trinidad Tobago jobs

The above will only return those pages with Tobago jobs in it and NOT Trinidad.

  • Find similar phrase

To find similar/synonymns of words, use the tilde (~). For example:

~smart phone

  • Find the wildcard

Not sure of a specific search you need to be looking for? Then enter the part of the phrase you know and the asterick (*) for the wildcard, and Google would find the rest. For example:

v.s naipaul wrote *

  • Find specific types of files

One of the most useful features we have found was the ability to restrict the search results to only find certains types of file types.  For example if you only want results of Word documents, you can do so by specifying the filetype in your search.  For example:

resume sample filetype:doc

Using the filetype keyword, we will only get search results that are Word documents.  Once you know your file extension types, you can use other filetypes such as PSF, XLS, JPG, PNG etc.

  • Search specific types of sites

Google has the ability to search within domains.  For example, if you want results from educational sites:

entrepreneur site:edu

  • Find the definitions of a word

By prefixing your search term with the word “define:”, you can get a quick definition. For example:

define: caterpillar

  • Calculate

Hop over to your Google search box and type away any mathematical calculation.  Google will find the answer for you.  For example:

1000 * 6 /10

  • Convert Currency

Ever wanted to be able to convert one currency into another? Then type it in Google’s search box and voila! Instant Conversion. For example:

70 USD in TTD

  • Unit Converter

If you want to convert between many different units of measurement such as height, weight, volume, distance, speed, time etc,  just enter your desired conversion into the search box.  For example:

10 feet in inches

10 ounces in cups

  • Find the time in any country

If you want to find out the time in a country, simply enter the keyword “time” followed by the desired country. For example:

time pakistan

  • Find the weather status in a country

Perhaps you are to travel to a particular country.  If you would like to find out what the weather is like in that country, you use the keyword “weather” followed by the country or state.

weater paris

  • Answer to life, the universe, and everything

This one is funny.  Type in that exact phrase in the Google search box , in lower case, and you will get the answer.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in your comments below.

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