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How to order online from Trinidad and Tobago

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As a business owner, you may need to know how to order online from Trinidad and Tobago or other countries for the survival of your business.

You may have to import goods for your brick-and-mortar store or for an eCommerce store built by a web design company like us.

Here are the steps of how to shop online or order online from Trinidad and Tobago:

1.  Have a Shipping Address

What is a Shipping Address?

A Shipping Address is a location in which goods are sent when you purchase goods online.

Local shipping

If you are online shopping from local Trinidad and Tobago eCommerce stores, then your shipping address would be the local address you want the goods delivered to.  Some local online shopping eCommerce stores in Trinidad and Tobago also have the option to pick up the goods in store. This would save on the shipping costs.

Direct international to local shipping

If you are shopping from a foreign or international online shopping store (eg. Amazon), it may allow international shipping. If so, you can ship directly to local countries such as Trinidad and Tobago. If you are using this option, enter this Trinidad and Tobago zip code for online shopping: 00000.

Shipping directly to your Trinidad & Tobago address may be costly, however.

What is a Skybox?

A Skybox is an international address from the United States or Europe. It is given by a skybox company for persons engaged in online shopping. Most times it is cheaper and more convenient than direct international shipping to your country. A skybox works out great too if some sites only can ship within the United States. 

Thus, one of the first steps of how to order online from Trinidad and Tobago is to sign up for a skybox address from a skybox company. These companies are also known as Freight Forwarding companies. 

How does a skybox work?

A skybox works as follows:

Instead of shipping directly to your country such as Trinidad and Tobago, you ship the items to the skybox address first. Then, the Skybox company would ship to your country.

Popular skybox companies in Trinidad and Tobago

To get a skybox in Trinidad and Tobago, you need to sign up with a skybox company. Here are some popular Skybox or Freight Forwarding companies within Trinidad.

Which is the best skybox company in Trinidad and Tobago?

All skybox companies handle the hassle of Shipping, Customs, Vat, and Freight charges for you. In return, they charge you for their services. Each Skybox company has its pros and cons.

Some of the Skybox companies charge an annual subscription, some charge based on the weight of the item per pound, kg, or volume, some deliver to your door, some are slower in delivery, some are cheaper and some have organizational issues.

It is up to you the user to do your research and choose the most suitable skybox company in Trinidad and Tobago that is right for you.

2. Have a means of payment

The second step of how to shop online or order online is to have a means of paying for the goods. Most foreign eCommerce stores require a Credit Card. Local Trinidad and Tobago eCommerce stores would have the additional options of paying by Debit Card, Cash on Delivery, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a short-term loan that you repay with interest. Visit your local bank such as Republic Bank or First Citizens Bank to sign up for a Credit Card.

Be mindful that Credit Cards have high-interest rates and require certain documentation to qualify for the card.  Some qualifying information that may be required includes a job letter, payslip, or prior credit record. You may also have to present multiple forms of identification or a utility bill with the bank.

3. Know your Billing Address

Most sites ask for a Billing Address when shopping online. 

What is a billing address?

The Billing Address is the local address you gave the bank when you registered for your card.

For your order to be approved when shopping online the billing address you enter has to match the registered address on the card.  This is done for online merchants to protect themselves against card fraud. If required, the Trinidad and Tobago zip code for online shopping is 00000.

Despite getting the card, however, please note that some foreign sites such as ‘Newegg’ or ‘Bath and Body Works’ do not accept International Cards (ie. Cards with a Non-US Billing Address). You may get around this hurdle by requesting your bank to place your US or Skybox address as your secondary address on the card.

However, adding a secondary address still does not guarantee that it would work for all sites.  If the secondary address does not work, then the only workable solution would be to shop online without a credit card.

4. Add Items to Cart and Checkout

What is a shopping cart?

The shopping cart is a digital concept that mirrors the real world shopping cart into which you place items. When you are online and see an item that you wish to purchase, you add the item to your cart.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is the section in which you supply your shipping and billing information to complete your purchase. When you have added to your cart, all the items you would like to purchase, then proceed to Checkout.

When shopping on international eCommerce stores, use your skybox address for the Shipping Address fields,  enter your local address in the Billing Address fields and enter your Credit Card details in the credit card fields. 

If you registered a secondary address with the bank for the credit card, enter that in the Billing Address fields. 

What is a CCV2?

A CCV2/CVV2 Number is the 3 digit number at the back of the credit card. It is used by some Credit Card processing sites for additional security. 

Place order

When all the Shipping, Billing, and Credit Card details are entered, click on Place Order Now.  You should receive a success message and if available, the option to print the order if you so desire.


So there you have it, folks. The above was a guide on how to order online from Trinidad and Tobago. The next time you see an item that you want online, be brave and order it! 

Also, please follow the recommended safety tips when shopping online.

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