How to backup your phone before it goes down a drain

Phone down the drain

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How would you feel if you saw your beloved BlackBerry phone being swept away by a gushing drain straight down into a manhole? That would be a complete nightmare wouldn’t it? Well, this actually happened to one of our friends just recently. All contacts, messages, notes and everything else that was stored on the phone was lost.

How do you safeguard yourself from such an unfortunate circumstance? You guessed it! You make a Back-Up! Here are some things you can do to ensure that if ever your phone is lost, you can still get back on your feet again.

  1. Use the Phone’s Back-Up software. Many phones are now being shipped with backup utility software, such as the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the BlackBerry. Simply connect your phone to your computer, run your particular software and follow the onscreen instruction for you to be able to back up your contacts, messages and whatever else is made available to you. In the event of your phone’s untimely demise, you can easily restore from your backup. You can get instructions for backing up your BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager here.
  2. Use online services – Using a utility called Google Sync from Google, allows you to wirelessly and automatically keep your Gmail, Calendar and Contacts in Sync between your phone and Google account. You can also obtain this synchronisation feature if you are setting up an Email account on your BlackBerry phone. There is the option for synchronisation, so do go ahead and check that option as it would come in handy later on. If your phone is lost or stolen, you simply connect to your online account and it will sync your phone with its online data.
  3. Use a USB SIM Card Reader – If your phone is not able to be connected to the internet to sync your data or does not come with backup software, then you can use a USB SIM Card Reader. This device looks just like a USB memory stick, but has the capability for you to insert your SIM card into it and be able to backup your contacts onto your computer.  If you need to restore your information to your phone, it can easily be done.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will live by the maxim “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” and implement one of these phone backup procedures before it is too late.

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