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Tired of clicking on the “File” tab to access your functions? Have you grown weary of an ever changing Microsoft interface that keeps shifting and moving your icons to unlikely places, causing you to hunt for them?

Today’s useful tech tip helps you solve these problems.

Enter your ever useful control (Ctrl) button. Utilize this button in conjunction with certain keys provides a quick and easy way for you to carry out everyday functions literally at your fingertips.

  • CTRL+F – Helps you find a particular letter or phrase within a document or article. This works in all Microsoft Office applications and also has the neat feature of working in your internet browsers as well.
  • CTRL+S – Helps you to save the file you are working on. Wonderful for all Microsoft Office Applications and offers a “Save As” function in your Internet Browser.
  • CTRL+C – Allows you to copy a selected word, line, paragraph or article within a document or web page.
  • CTRL+X – Allows you to cut scissors icon a selected word, line, paragraph or article within a document.
  • CTRL+V – Allows you to paste paste icon or insert (text, graphics, or other data) into a document or file. Normally used in conjunction with CTRL+C or CTRL+X.
  • CTRL+Z – Allows you to ‘undo’ a previous action taken in a Microsoft Document.
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL – Allows for the permanent deletion of files and documents.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete-Set.  Image Credit: www.thinkgeek.com

And finally, I discovered this shortcut while fiddling in my browser one evening and all other shortcuts aside I find it is one of the more interesting shortcuts that Ctrl key offers (and there are many more than what has been mentioned here).

  • Ctrl + Shift + T – This reopens the last closed tab in your internet browser.

Try it!!

CTRL ESC.  Image Credit: www.geekadelphia.com

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